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The Method of Facebook Account Hacking

We are using various way that are different each other for Facebook account hacking. We are using 5 steps of analyze at the initial phase. It begins from the easiest to the most difficult analyzing processes. This method is called as the “bruteforce”. This method is actually working by combining very complex passwords to find out which one is the most appropriate and the matched one. It will continue scanning when the password did not match until it finds one that fits the account.

Everyone are capable to know how to hack Facebook, however it will take a very long time. It happens because this method will need to use the combination of million number, alphabet and even symbol to get into a system. Our system was built to try million different passwords per second. At the end of the process, we are commonly tried one and another different password for the account.

This is a kind of the mathematic logic that is commonly called as “bruteforce”. If the method is success, it will find one that is matched. It is all about the time, that is why finding complex password will take much longer time than guessing the ordinary type of passwords. We starts by trying to try password list which is very common to be used. It is constructed by the professionals of security system. These passwords might be look like ‘13579’,’246810’,’123abC’,’abc123’,’aBc123’ and so on.

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